Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet
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Coinbase is a multifunctioning platform for managing most demanded digital assets. It provides exchange options, merchant tools, API interface and wallet services. With Coinbase, you receive a wallet address, which can be found in the “Addresses” page, by clicking the “Tools” menu. This address is used for sending and receiving supported cryptocurrencies from/to other wallets. In addition to standard wallet, Coinbase offers a possibility to create a “Vault”, which works like a saving account. By using Vault, user will be able to withdraw funds only after 48 hours from the request. During this period of time, he will be contacted by Coinbase representatives, who will ask for withdrawal confirmation. There are more particular features regarding Coinbase wallet, but in general, this platform is not designed specifically to be a point of storage. If you are looking for a good web wallet, you may also try GreenAddress or

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