How to transfer Litecoin to Ledger Nano S?

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I found in internet a hardware wallet called “Ledger Nano S”. Can you tell me how does this wallet works? Does it support Litecoin? I want to use it for keeping my litecoins in a safe place. Can you help me? Explain please how can I transfer my coins from digital wallet to this one.

Hi. Ledger Nano S supports Litecoin. If you never used Ledger Nano S before I will explain you how you can use it for storing your Litecoins
1) Order Ledger Nano S on the official website (never buy Ledger Nano S or other hardware wallets on not official websites)
2) Connect your Ledger Nano S to computer using micro-usb cable
3) Setup a pin-code
4) Write down seed (24 words). Without this seed you will unable to restore access to your coins in case if you lose your Ledger Nano S.
5) Install Ledger Manager Chrome app
6) Find in Ledger Manager LiteCoin App and install it:
Ledger Nano S and Litecoin
7) Install BitCoin and Altcoin Chrome App from official repository:
8) Then open Litecoin app on your Ledger Nano S, go to settings, and disable browser support
9) Launch Bitcoin Chrome App — and you will see your Litecoin wallet on Ledger Nano S.

To put Litecoins on your Ledger Wallet, go to Receive, and you will see your Litecoin wallet address.