Where is Binance located?

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Hey there, just out of curiosity, where is the Binance based? Is it in China or elsewhere?

Although Binance is listed in Hong Kong, its servers are listed in Korea. After the recent China's exchange ban and the requirement to shut down all the exchanges, the Chinese users had to be shut down. Although there was no direct requirement to shut down the Binance IPs, however the Binance officials decided to move their IP's there from Hong Kong to British Virgin Islands as well as other various locations to ensure that the Binance does not get affected by other regulatory issues from the governments.

Currently all the Chinese users IPs are blocked to demonstrate that the exchange cooperates with the Chinese governments.
Binance has offices located in multiple countries. They don't disclose offices addresses due to security reasons but I know that they have offices in Tokyo and Shanghai.
paresh virani
please provide me office address of binance, its must need to visit office because of my account blocked, not got any solution through support ticket, please.
weird they don't show offices addresses, they are one of the biggest trading exchange in the world right now including upbit, yobit etc. Look at indodax.com, small exchange company but has the most realistic company based in indonesia, also the developers are not Anonymous.
Because if people knew it was in China they would run for their lives!