How to buy ripple on Bittrex?

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Good evening guys. As you can remember I am a big Ripple fan, I have Ripple in my hardware wallet and I don't want to move my XRP coins to any of exchanges because of security reasons. I want to increase the amount of Ripples in my portfolio and I also want to try Bittrex exchage. My question is: How I can buy Ripple on Bittrex exchange? I never worked with Bittrex before, I have the only experience with Binance. Is there are any problems/issues that I can consider before trying to buy Ripple at Bittrex? 

Hi. If you already have bitcoin on your account, just select pair BTC/XRP — and place an order for buying Ripple. If you have altcoins on your account — you will need to change them to Bitcoin first, and then change Bitcoin to Ripple. If you don't have coins on your Bittrex account, you will need to deposit fiat money first or transfer coins from other cryptocurrency exchanges.
May I ask why you would promote XRP? It's like the most centralized coin in existence :p