Bittrex socket status disconnected. What does it mean?

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Hi. I see Socket Status Disconnected message at the right bottom corner of Bittrex. And it seems that because of this Socket status disconnected issue I can't get real-time data about market data. Why is this happening? Any ideas? Does anybody else have this Socket Status Disconnected issue? 

This is how it looks:

Bittrex Socket Status Disconnected

Hey Justin. Bittrex socket status disconnected error appears when there are some connection issues. One of the reason: your internet connection is very slow. If your connection is ok, and other websites work without any speed issues, try to restart your router (unplug it from electricity for 10-15 seconds). Please let me know if my recommendations help you to resolve Bittrex sockect status disconnected issue.
Hello Alex,

This is not the solution. I have been dealing with this issue for over 9 months. Suddenly I was not able to see data on Bittrex which showed the socket status disconnected. I have tried on every browser on my desktop computer( IE, FF, Chrome). I have no problem when using another computer(Macbook, Acer, Sony). I have flushed the dns, cleared browser data, reset FF, reinstalled Chrome, disabled IPv6, used 2 different routers, and disabled antivirus software. I recently noticed yesterday I have somewhat the same problem with tradingview loading graphs. I don't know if they are connected. This is becoming a headache as I have to jump from computer to computer to see Bittrex. Any other suggestions?