Stellar Lumens on Ledger Nano S? Is it possible?

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Hiya, guys! Want to add Stellar Lumens to my portfolio, so asking you: can I store Stellar Lumens on my Ledger Nano S? Is it possible without any tricky modifications? Thanks!

Hi Mary! Glad to see you again:)
You can store your Stellar Lumens on Ledger Nano S. About one month ago Stellar Lumens app was released for Ledger Nano S. To enable support of Stellar Lumens (XLM) on your Ledger Nano S you need to launch Ledger Manager Chrome App, and install Stellar App on your Ledger Nano S.

Then open Stellar Account Viewer —!/
Connect your Ledger. Go to the settings of Stellar app on your Ledger Nano S, and enable Browser support. After that button «Sign In with Ledger» will become clickable. Doublecheck that option «use default account» is selected. Click on «Sign In with Ledger» button and that is it.