Is Crypterium Legit or Scam?

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Hey! I see a lot of potential in Crypterium, but I am really worried about this project. Everything looks really good and promising, but I didn't find anything informative about background of the team (except information published by Crypterium team). They reached hardcap really fast, and I have some tokens which I purchased on a tokensale but today I got some thoughts that maybe this project is a scam? Is it possible? Does anybody know anything about Crypterium project?

I requested CRPT tokens withdraw 7 days ago, I still didn't get anything on my ETH wallet. Is Crypterium scam?
The same! I submitted withdrawal request 8 days ago.
It is bad. Does anybody got CRPT tokens on any ETH wallet? Which wallet you use, SirT6?
I use My Ether Wallet as was recommended on at Crypterium website.
I got my tokens as promised.
I have followed their instructions by opening a wallet in myetherwallet and no problem! The tokens are there!
I withdrew the tokens during the Christmas early withdraw event and I got them 20 minutes later. I used Eidoo wallet app for Android/IPhone.
Miles Johnson
Check your token transactions it won't show up in your main wth account
Guys I am little bit nervous. I asked yesterday how to withdraw crypterium tokens from my account at crypterium, but now I see a lot of messages from people who requested withdrawal long time ago but still didn't get anything. What should I do? Do I need to submit withdrawal request or wait? Can this delay caused by some temporary technical issues?
Hi Mel.
On the Etherscan I can see a lot of transactions —

It means that Crypterium team send CRPT tokens, but do it slowly. Considering big amount of tokenholders, seems this is the main reason of this delay with withdrawals.
Crypterium support team also mentioned that there are delays, but tokens will arrive.
Thanks for this information, but I am also waiting for my tokens for almost 8 days. As I can see on your screenshot and at etherscan seems they make all payments manually. How these guys can develop a high level Crypterium app if they can't even automate token withdrawal process? It smells like a scam!
I also was looking for more information as I requested the tokens in the early distribution/payment (Jan 1). Today is the 17 and no news. They even sent me an email requiring to stop sending emails and that «don't worry your tokens will arrive»

They did not tell how long will it take. So maybe we get them for Christmas! What a nice surprise would that be, right on time to exchange for something! (not sure how this project will work if delivering tokens, which will be part of all transactions, is so slow.
I have been waiting for over a week now too. They just now started withdrawal process on the 21st. This is the slowest BY FAR I have ever received coins from any ICO. I smell a rat. The ETH blockchain, even when bogged down, does not take days. Bad, bad logistics and planning. If they knew it would take this long should have used a faster blockchain or better technology.
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Thanks Cyber!
Are you paid by them to try and calm people down. You showed one person that really got tokens into their account.
Nobody is getting shit, nor will they ever be. Best scam of the year, that it!
If your comment was adressed to me, no, I am not paid by them. I also have some amount of CRPT tokens which I didn't receive. I am just trying to analyze reasons of delay before start claiming Crypterium as a scam.
Cyber, Is it possible that I did something wrong with myetherwallet and that is why I can't receive my tokens?
Hah guys! I told you before, that this project looks fishily. You didn't hear me!
Hey. I also didn't get my tokens. Support at crypterium ignores my questions. What should we do?
Start reporting to police in your contries as well as in Estonia.
Below you have company details. Nobody is getting shit, the only chance we have is to report fast and hope we can get some of our money back before they dissapear completly!

Registry code: 14352837
Name: Crypterium OÜ Invalid names: Crypterium R&D OÜ
The date of the first entry: 16.10.2017
Legal form: Private limited company Status: Entered into the register
Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu mnt 141, 11314
Share capital: 2 500.00 EUR
Kate Lansley
Is it possible to get a refund?
I made a BTC deposit at december. Now it is almost 8 days I am waiting for withdrawal. I also didn't get any response on my ticket.
Wow! After 7 days of waiting I just receive my CRPT tokens!
Congratulations! music
Great to know. Do you know their value in eth?
Was that 7 days after they withdrew them from your dashboard?

They finally got around to doing that on mine on the 21st but still no coins as of 1/24.
Yes! When I requested withdrawal all tokens were removed from my balanc on Crypterium website. And after 7 days of waiting I got them on my wallet. As I can see from other comments some people waited for more than 15 days so maybe I am just lucky
Regarding your withdrawal it is only 3 days passed so I think you need to be patient and you will get your tokens soon.
Philip Merritt
scam!!! 10 DAYS no tokens!!!
I agree. I posted my comment above, but today it is 10days and still there are no tokens in my wallet.
I am also still waiting for my tokens. Withdrawal request was sent 10 days ago.
Stop whining and calling scam. You lot are amateurs and need to calm your tits and the tokens will arrive in due time, no exchanges are open so calm the f down.

Start reporting to police people both in your countries as well as in Estonia their country.
Below you have their registered details. No one is getting anything, we can only hope to report fast enough so that authorities will still be able to recover some of the money at least!

Registry code: 14352837
Name: Crypterium OÜ Invalid names: Crypterium R&D OÜ
The date of the first entry: 16.10.2017
Legal form: Private limited company Status: Entered into the register
Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu mnt 141, 11314
Share capital: 2 500.00 EUR
Do you think that it will help? I am waiting for my tokens for almost 13 days. I think that Crypterium is real scam, but I don't think that reporting to police will return our money.
also waiting for tokens for 11 days…
Crypterium guys wanted to create a Cryptocurrency bank — advanced app which will allow to pay with cryptocurrencies everywhere where cards are accepted. Considering the fact that we all here are waiting for our tokens for more than 10 days, I am wondering how this app will work? I'll come to the store, pay with this app and the seller will tell me: hey dude come in 10 maybe 12 days when we will receive your tokens and pickup your purchases then.

Unacceptable delays. Honestly I am thinking that Crypterium is scam and we will never see this app and anything mentioned in the roadmap. Every project connected with looks suspicious.
13 days since I requested withdrawal. Crypterium — SCAM! Return our money!
I see at Etherscan (link that Cyber posted here) was almost 10 hours ago. What happened?
Hi everyone. I have to justify my nickname, so I made a small investigation and here I will prove that Crypterium is scam!

Lets start with Crypterium co-founder Vladimir Gorbunov and check his background.
This is information about Vladimir Gorbunov at Crypterium official website.

This is screenshot from his LinkedIn profile

Just remember his face and name.

Lets go back a few years:

Here mr. Gorbunov gives interview about his business — russian freelance system
Their model was different from other freelance platforms — Workle hired people for specific job: sell bank loans, tickets, insurance. Scheme was very similar to multi-level marketing. As a result: a lot of people didn't receive their money or were just fired because of fictitious reasons.

Lets check reviews about in russian search engine (you can use google to translate some reviews). I will publish here only few examples:

Example 1
Example 2

When I saw his interview I was interested, how such a young man was able to create this successful platform. Where did he get money for advertising?

And I found the answers to my questions:

I made additional research and found that Gorbunov presented his project to Vladimir Putin and Putin promised to support his initiative. As you know all people affiliated with Putin don't have any problems and limitations in Russia. Green light and support in all directions.

Conclusion: one of the main founders of Crypterium is affiliated with Putin and gets his support. This person founded a company that deceived many people in Russia (mostly poor people from russian regions). Do you really trust this person? Do you really think that they will create working application that will allow you to pay with your bitcoins everywhere?
Getting your tokens or not does not represent it being a scam or not. (I'm just saying, if they can't even send you a token from an own smart contract where you contributed to… ) If after sending you the token, they do nothing anymore, then you can call it a scam. But I'm sure every project will be able to transfer you some type of coin, with a week studying max you can alsy make one, if not sooner… I think there are various services out their to help you in creating a standard smart contract so if the team can't even Google, your research should have been better before you invested :p just my two cents laugh
SCAM. I sent LTC twice to their site, my LTC never arrived, contacted customer support, they asked me to send some more to test the transfer, the second transaction never arrived. later I was banned from their Telegram chat. I contacted 4 of their contact support, none of them have been able to solver the issue.
Are you sure that you spoke with official support? Do you have any screenshots of your transactions?
Could someone tell me if there is a valid reason that nearly every 2nd token transfer is going to this address? 0x1d907c982b0b093b5173574fabe7965181522c7b
View here:

holding over 6.5million CRPT tokens now.

At the rate they are transferring the tokens its going to take them another 2-10 months to complete. The only reason I can think of the slow rate is that they are putting very little GAS into the transaction. Why would they do this? Spend as little as possible on the token transfers. This is starting to sound like a scam to me, we probably will get our tokens but I doubt they will be worth anything. Doesn't look like this project is going anywhere.
I also noticed these transactions, the reason is unknown to me. Now I also think that this project looks suspicious. Considering these facts:
1) Weird transactions that we can see on etherscan
2) Unacceptable delays with token withdrawals (I personally requested withdrawal 14 days ago)
3) This interesting investigation that user Skeptic performed in the comments above, read it:

I also agree with you — tokenholders will get tokens, but we will never see this «JP Morgan for Cryptocurrencies»
In the Telegram group I asked the question… Got this response.

J3R3M13 | Crypterium Support:
30% comppany reserve
yet, is it SCAM, all will receive just a worthless scamtokens.
Unfortunately it seems that it is true. It was the first ICO where I decided to participate sorry
same here :-/
Such scam projects undermine trust for the whole ICO industry. I think that all ICO investors should not rely on nice looking whitepapers but make thorough investigations of ICO team background. If I saw Skeptic's comment before depositing money I would never invest even dollar to Crypterium.
Hi everyone,

As some of you, it's the first ICO in which I invested. Not that much to be honest.
Now, I don't know if Crypterium is a scam or not, but I received today my tokens.
I guess that soon or later, everyone will get them.

As most of you, I read some discussions about the possible scam nature of Crypterium. But to me, even if it would very disappointing, I think that benefit wise, wether it is a scam or not will not make a big difference.
If it is not, great: we have found a good ICO. If it is, but they succeed to go to step 2 and introduce successfully their tokens on trading platforms, then it is still possible to make some money out of this.

If you look at the number of shitty projects that got an incredible growth when they have been introduced on binance or other platforms (PAC, XP, POE ....), I guess we just need to pay attention at the very beginning.
So just to say there still hope, even if it is a scam, to make money out of it at least at the beginning.

But I truly hope that it is not and that we will have a nice surprise.
Good luck to everyone with your CRPT!

Hey Hans! Thanks for this post (I am subscribed to comments notifications here at Cryptoncy) and right after I read your comment I connected my Ledger Nano S to MyEhterWaller to check balance and I GOT MY CRPT TOKENS!
Crypteriym CRPT Tokens on My Ehter Wallet
This is really good news. And I also got notification that from today CRPT tokens are activated — it means that we can transfer them and hopefully very soon CRPT coin will be listed on exchanges.

You are absolutely right. Since we get our tokens we have a good chances to get profit just from selling them on exchanges.
Mine arrived. Just letting everyone know. I thought it was a scam too
Hey guys I got my coins. If you have a myetherwallet make sure you open it and click «token» transactions on the left. Because it's not an eth fund so it will not pop up there. I was waiting for mine for like a month but it's actually been in my account for a while and didn't even see it
No it's not a scam mine took a week to get my crpt tokens to my ether wallet because of many transaction it is slow so be patient
Crypterium has a great future!
Agent H
Well your first clue should have been no github, if you can't track a projects progress through actual coding then more than likely it's a bogus project. This is precisely why more regulation is needed to protect average investors.