ERC-20 Tokens on Ledger Nano S

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Hi. I participated in Crypterium tokensale and now hardcap is reached so I need to withdraw my CRPT tokens to ETH wallet with ERC-20 support. I have Ledger Nano S and Ethereum app installed there. Can I put ERC-20 Tokens on Ledger Nano S? Does Ledger Nano S support ERC-20 tokens by default or I need to do something to enable this support? Kindly ask to answer my question because I need to withdraw crypteirium tokens before 18-th of Jan. 

Hi again, Mary. Yes, you can withdraw Crypterium tokens to your Ledger Nano S wallet. The easiest way to do that is to go to withdraw CRPT tokens to MyEhterWallet as it supports CRPT tokens by default (it means that You don't need to enable ERC-20 support manually). To do that, go to and click on «Send Ether & Tokens» button in the navigation bar.

Then select Ledger Wallet option

Connect your Ledger Nano S, enter your PIN, laucnh Ethereum App and enable Browser Support in the settings

Select ETH Wallet and press Unlock Your Wallet button

Copy your ETH address and specify it in your account at Crypterium for withdrawal.
When you will get your tokens, connect your Ledger Nano S, launch MyEhterWallet, and at the right sidebar click «Show All Tokens» button.

And then find there CRPT token and click link to load balance.