Is it good time to invest in Ripple?

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Hi guys! Want to buy some ripple for a long-term investment. What do you think about this idea? 

Since the moment when you've published your question Ripple price doubled! Considering fact that Ripple already integrated in financial products of big and authority companies (CIBC, RBC, etc) I think Ripple is a good coin for a long-term investment.
I prefer Ripple very much. Ripple is created in 2012. And this currency and payment system is a leader on the market additionally to its technical parameters. Productivity indicators are comparable to such famous payment systems as VISA and PayPal. That’s why Japan, United States are very interested in implantation Ripple’s experience into their finance system. On my mind this is one of the most perspective currencies and technologies we know. Ripple developers made a huge path to incorporation its technology in bank system in Japan. We’ll see how Ripple will become great. New investors watching on this currency and see here the opportunities to get stable profits.