Unable to install or uninstall any applications on Ledger Nano S

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Merry Christmas everyone. I need help. I was trying to install Ethereum application on my Ledger Nano S, but I always get error "Unable to Install Application", here is a screenshot:

Unable to Install Application - Ledger Nano S

I thought that maybe the reason is that my Ledger doesn't have enough space considering that this is a popular problem so I decided to remove Bitcoin Cash application as I am not using it. But I got another error: "Unable to remove application":

Unable to Remove Application - Ledger Nano S

What I am doing wrong? I really need to install Ethereum wallet, because I need to withdraw ETH from exchange. Thanks in advance, all help is appreciated!

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Hi Mary. Try to restart your computer, in most cases with such errors it helps. Please let us know if it will help in your case.
Thanks! It helped. I installed Ethereum succesfully! dance
I am having the same issue. I've tried to restart my computer, kill vpn and other exe programs.
The issue start right after I connected the nano s to etherdelta.
Did you try to send ticket to Ledger support team? You can do it here: ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
I have tried rebooting and still get the error. It says to contact Ledger support. I can't find a support phone number or any way to submit an issue.
You can send your ticket here: ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
I have the same issue, have restarted my cpu and still no luck. I have also reached out to Ledger, they responded once but have not yet responded again (after two days). Anyone else have any ideas?
Hi Nick. Please try to delete Ledger manager app and then install it again. It should help.
I had the same issue with Ledger. I reinstalled Ledger Manager (Chrome App) and after that I was able to install/delete Ledger apps.
Hi. I also have the same problem with Ledger Nano Apps. Can anybody help me?
I cannot install or install any apps on Ledger Manager… I have a Nano S. trying to load my LTC and cannot do anything…

should I just buy a new Nano S and use my seed key… or is it not the nano S its the apps… its happened on both my computers Mac and Windows

any help please!
Hi. Did you try to reinstall Ledger manager? Also, are you sure that you have enough space on your Ledger?
I have reinstalled it about 10 times… I dont know if i have enough space on Ledger… thats why I am just trying to uninstall everything and start over… but it will not let me uninstall anything? its a complete cluster… I submitted problem logs to them today… but they probably will never respond or take weeks… I would buy a new Nano S if I thought that would solve problem… obviously something is wrong… I dont get a not enough space message…

you cannot really do anything if you cant uninstall or install? very frustrating… I didnt have any issues until I updated the new firmware which it forced me to do… had no issue with BTC ETH… but the LTC having issues…

I dont really know where to turn…

And have you tried to reinstall LTC app?
it will not let me install or uninstall any apps… i get same error message each time…

This is weird. Did you try to contact Ledger Support? I think if there is a bug with update of issue with hardware they should sell you a new ledger.
Anthony Deloren
This seems to be an extremely common problem. I purchased two. Both will not update, Both will not delete any wallets. One has MCU updated to 1.5 while the version remains at 1.3.1 after a dozen attempts. So now there is a mismatch and nothing works. what a great out of the box product!
Ian Harper
I am currently having the same problem it is very inconvenient and a serious issue Ledger needs to address
No kidding. I'm having the same issue. They'll have to come out with a fix soon. This is ridiculous.
Keep an eye on their Twitter feed. They've explained the problem — a network outage in their datacenter. This is affecting firmware updates and applications installations. They are working on the issue.