Why is Ripple coin so cheap?

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Hey! Merry Christmass everyone! I want to invest some money in Ripple, for me this coin looks really interesting and promising. But I want somebody explain me why Ripple is so cheap? Curent price is  only about 1USD. What is the reason for the such low price of Ripple?

Hi Kevin. I think that there are few reasons why Ripple is cheap:
1) Ripple is not decentralized system
2) Ripple is 100% pre-mined
3) Ripple Labs owns the biggest part of all issued coins. There were three founders of Ripple Labs: Jed McCaleb, Chris Larsen and Arthur Britto. Each of them got 20,000,000,000 (20 billions) XRPs. 3 founders * 20bn for each of them = 60,000,000,000 (60 billions). Just to remind: total ripple supply was 100 billions XRPs. Here we get a situation when founders own 60% of all issued coins.
4) Jed McCaleb, one of the Ripple founders left Ripple Labs and founded the new cryptocurrency — Stellar Lumens. In my opinion it is not good for Ripple's reputation when a former employee invest 20% of all issued Ripples to build a competitor network Stellar Lumens.

All these facts are not good for Ripple's reputation.
Thanks for that nice list Ivan, I really think more people should know what they buy into…
Hi iefken. I think that people who invest in ripple are just impressed by their relationships with authority companies like CIBC, RBC, Accenture, etc. They dont understand that these companies will not rely on XRP coin but maybe will just use Ripple protocols (I think something like enterprise ripple solutions which will not be related to ripple coin). This is the main problem with this cryptocurrency rush: at least 80% of people who buy crypto coins don't even understand what is cryptocurrency:)
Yes exactly. I never understood the rush of buyin it, the 60% never changed lol, they only made one of them one the richest persons in the world… Well, can't say their marketing didn't work, they're in for life ;o
thanks for this Ivan, so it depends on the feature of crytocurrency for evaluating cheap or expensive right?