What is Ripple Withdrawal/Destination Tag?

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Hi. I have some XRP on Binance, and I am going to witdraw them to my cold wallet. But when I go to withdrawal section binance asks me to specify XRP Withdrawals Tag. What is it? Do I need to specify something there or can just check "No tag" option? Thanks in advance!

Hi Andrew. If you are going to withdraw Ripple to your hardware wallet you don't need to specify withdrawals tag. This tag is needed when you withdraw your coins to another exchange (this tag is needed to associate your XRP transaction with your account on this exchange).
Trying to withdrawal Ripple from Binance to my hard wallet but I get a “withdrawal address error”. I don’t know of a “withdrawal tag”, so I am checking “no tag”. Any ideas?
Hi Eng. There were some problems couple of days ago with Ripple withdrawal on Binance due to some technical issues. Which Hard wallet are you using? Now everything works fine for me.
I’ve transferred my ripples from my binnacle account to another exchange, but have entered no tag, I’ve failed to receive ripples to destination address.
Not good. Did you try to talk with support?
Hi Ssr. When you transfer Ripple from one exchange to another — you need to specify Ripple withdrawal tag, otherwise your Ripple will be not be deposited to your account's balance.
Hi! What happens if I will not specify Ripple Destination Tag?
If you will not specify Ripple destination tag — you money will come to a main account and will never be assigned to your personal account. Simply put you will lose your deposit.
Hi Brendan, I want to add some clarification to your answer: Ripple destination tag is needed only when you transfer money to exchanges. When you withdraw Ripple to your personal wallet you don't need to specify Withdrawal/Destination tag.

This is how Ripple withdrawal form looks on Binance exchange:
Ripple withdrawal & destination tag

If you withdraw Ripple to your personal wallet, for example Ledger Nano, just check «No Tag» checkbox. But when you want to transfer Ripple to another exchange, make sure that you've specified correct XRP Withdrawal Tag. Otherwise you will lose your XRPs.
If I am sending XRP to Rippex from Binance, Do I need a Withdrawls Tag?
Hi Pete. Rippex is your personal Ripple wallet, that is why you don't need to specify Ripple Withdrawal Tag. Just select «No Tag» option in the withdrawal form.
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Hi everyone, I've been trying to move some of my ripple coins to another coin exchange with no luck. It asks me for a tag and i don't know how or what to put in that line. It also tells me i have an address error and doesn't matter if i put a new address either. Your help will be very appreciated Thank you.
Hi. From which exchange you want to transfer your ripple?
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If you are transferring Ripple from one exchange to another your need to specify Ripple destination tag. This tag you can get on the exchange where you transfer Ripple to. On some exchanges this tag also called «Ripple Deposit Tag». To get this tag — go to Deposit section, select Ripple, and you should see XRP Deposit Address and XRP Deposit Tag.

If you can tell me to which exchange you want to trasfer Ripple, I will create an instruction with screenshots how you can get this Ripple destination tag.
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Hi Cyber
Hi, I've replied below. Coinbase doesn't support Ripple at this moment. So how you want to transfer them?
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Hi Cyber
Do you have any suggestions of exchanges that are similar to Coinbase that does deal with Ripple?
Michele Cormier
I've had uphold wallet for a year, I love it and I just transferred my ripple from binance no problem. The tag is there just like they told you, it took less than 3 minutes, very happy
How about if is not to an exchange, I'm trying to send Ripple to myetherwallet and is asking for the tag#, I already added XLR into my custom tokens but nowhere I find a tag #; I have already added TRX, VIBE, SETH successfully.
Can you advice.
Hi Ed. Please clarify: you have just MyEtherWallet or you use it with Ledger Nano?
Just MyEtherWallet for now, I ordered a Trazor.
It is not really a good idea to store Ripple on MyEtherWallet, because MyEtherWallet was developed to store tokens created in Ethereum platform. Ripple uses different technology, so I would recommend you to store Ripple on wallets which were developed for this coin.
I will research wallets, thank you for your time ????????
I don’t know what does question marks are doing there but thanks, very helpfull.
You are welcome. Unfortunately Trezor which your've ordered also doesn't support Ripple. Personally I prefer Ledger Nano S (it supports a lot of coins, safe and easy to use).
We are working hard on Wallets section on our website — to provide most accurate information about wallets and supported coins, so I would recommend you to register an account on Cryptoncy to be up to date about all new features. Hopefully by monday on this page «Ripple wallets» we will have information about all wallets that support Ripple (XRP).
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Coinbase, I've put 2 different addresses and it still tells me address error. I also don't know what they want for XRP tag? And where to get that. Important still lost. I was able go from coinbase to Binance but not back to coibase from Binance…
Coinbase doesn't support Ripple as I know.
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I've sent bitcoin to binance thru Coinbase to buy Ripple. I'm trying send it back from Binance to Coinbase.
Ah, so it is impossible, because Coinbase doesn't support Ripple XRP (and I don't think that Coinbase will support XRP soon).
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So i can't send bitcoin back to Coinbase? Do you have any suggestions on an exchange that i could send my bitcoin that would give access to it like Coinbase? Thank you very much for your feedback with my issue…

I personally prefer Binance because of the following reasons:
1) It is safe
2) User-friendly interface
3) Fast and not complicated verification
4) Dynamically growing (this exchange is almost a leader in crypto exchange platforms).

But if you want to make sure that your Ripples are safe — the best solution is to store them on a hardware wallet. I prefer Ledger Nano S.
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I really appreciate your feedback, I've been learning as i go and your feedback really helps me navigate all the noise. Like any other investment i like to stay in control. Let me ask you this Cyber, how do you withdraw your investment. I think I'll wait i get ledger no s.

Thank you very much
Glad to hear that, thanks! This was our main goal when we decided to create this website). Regarding withdrawals there are few ways that I use:
1) Localbitcoins — easiest and one of my favourite ways to exchange Bitcoins for cash
2) Bitcoin ATMs — sometimes
3) Withdrawal from exchanges to the bank account (I use kraken for this purposes mostly)
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Hi Cyber
Can i put ripple as well as bitcoin, etherium and litecoin zallon the samw ledger nano?
Yes, Ledger support a lot of different coins and you can store all them on your device.
Tropical breeze
Thank you very much once again, your knowledge of cryptocurrency is valuable to. I will definitely keep this website close. l'll give you quick shout out when I recieve my ledger Nano S.

Thanks again & Take Care
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Hi everyone
Does anyone have any info about sun mining company. They do bitcoin mining and I'm not sure what they are all about or how to do it or if it is even worth doing.

Thank you
Hi. Stay away from Sun-Mining.com. It is scam, and also be very careful in general as there are a lot of scam project in «cloud-mining» industry.
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Hi Cyber
Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

Thank you
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Hi everyone
Have not been able to sign into binance for 20 minutes anybody have any info?

Thank you!
The same. Can't open binance for a whole day. They upgraded their platform but it is not available for me.
Hi. Main website is still not working, but you can access Binance through their official subdomains:
us.binance.com/ or kr.binance.com
Hi there,
I would like to withdraw my XRP from Binance to my Gatehub wallet, should be click «no tag»?
Thanks in advance
Hi Ket. You don't need to specify tag if you witdraw Ripple to GateHub Wallet. GateHub don't have a destination tag.
I agree with Cyber, but I want also to add, that GateHub is not really good wallet to store you coins. There are a lot of complaints about this wallet.
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Hi everyone
Does anyone info on cryptobots and is it a good thing do?

Thank you very much
Hi. Please clarify, are you talking about Cryptobots.eu?
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Hi Ivan
I was reviewing a youtube video about crypto bots and how they can make you money trading for you. I am not sure which bot would be good or the name of it either.

Thank you
Ok, got it, you are talking about cryptocurrency trading bots. These bots can automate the process of trading, but nobody can guarantee you that this bot trading will be profitable. Bots use some alrogithms (crypto trading signals) and make a decision instead of you. On this website (Cryptoncy.net) there is a good Telegram channel where Bot sends crypto trading signals. You can test it manually — just follow its instructions and if you will see that you get profit, you can use some more advanced bots (a lot of companies offer now these solutions) which will make automatically all trading operations for you.
Hi there,
I withdrawed my XRP from Binance to my Poloniex wallet. I didn’t write anything to tag line and i didn’t click “no tag”
I only wrıte my poloniex wallet address. My coins didn’t reach my poloniex wallet, how can i rescue them?
Pls help!!!
Hi, copern1cus. Poloniex creates a personal XRP wallet for each deposit request, so you don't need to specify Ripple Destination Tag when you deposit Ripple on Poloniex. This is a good thing in comparison with other exchanges which use main wallet for all deposits.

Regarding problem that you don't see coins on your balance, please specify the amount of XRP that you've sent. Please note, that Ripple network requires at least 20XRP to be on your wallet.
thank you for support.
I bought 20 xrp from poloniex after my ripple transfer binance to poloniex. My transfer value is 250 xrp. Now i only see 20 xrp in my poloniex xrp wallet.
Where is the problem now?
My coins didn’t reach yet
Did you check status of your transaction? You can use this tool bithomp.com/explorer/ to check information about your Poloniex ripple wallet. Let me know if you can see your transaction there.
i saw transactions only for binance
Weird. Ok, lets try the following: enter your Transaction ID here — xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions
And send me a screenshot or just Status of your transaction

This transaction was successful, and validated in ledger 36480727 on February 10, 2018 11:10 PM.
When your transaction was performed? I see time in the status, but in what timezone it is? If you've sent payment 1-2 hours ago — It can be a regular for Poloniex delay. Sometimes money appears on wallet on the next day or even later. I personally don't like Poloniex, there are a lot of problem with them.
i sent my payment 2 hours ago.
i’m in time zone GMT+3
it’s now 4.00 am in my country
Ok, so lets wait till tomorrow morning, but to avoid loosing time I would also recommend you create a ticket to support right now.
thank you very much for your support ????
You are welcome. Let us know when you will get your coins on Poloniex wallet. And if you will have any other questions/problems — feel free to publish them on Cryptoncy.net (for your convinience I would recommend you to register an account, this will allow you to publish comments without moderation and get faster responses from users).
i will notify you
thank you again
my problem was solved
thanks for your help:)
Ok, great!
I had the similar problem and XRP reached my wallet after 3 hours from the moment when I've sent them.
thank you Kevin
Tropical breeze
I will be blunt, I'm tired of losing money I'm about to try getting a bot program. I've read it has the potential to make money for you. Can someone please tell me if that is a good idea? And if do you any idea which would be the easiest for a newby to set up and use.

Thank you all
Hi. Ivan yesterday replied to your comment and I am totally agree with him. Trading bots is just a tool that will allow you to automate trading process. For sure bots reaction on the market changes is much faster but at the same time bots can't analyse what is happening on the market (pumping, dumping, or some promising or FUD news).

The problem why you losing money is that now it is not good time for market. And I personally see here the one solution: be calm and wait. I also lose about 50% of investments for the last month, but I am no planning to sell coins from my portfolio or start trading in attempt to compensate losses, because all coins now become cheaper, so long-term strategy is a key.

Tropical breeze
Hi Cyber
I really appreciate your advice and your right the market is really shaky right now. I will just sit on my coins and wait. Once again thank you very much…
Yes, in my opinion it is the best strategy. But if you want to test some bots take a look at this website: cryptorg.net/en/
You can make a small deposit on any of exchanges which this system supports, and try how it works. It would be great if you can share your results after:)
Jeffrey D
Hello I bought some ripple twice now and have realized I don’t have my Withdrawal Tag. I have been keeping most of my cryptos in Exodus. Is it safe to withdraw back To Exodus or will I loose my ripples?
Andrea Salone
Trading bots is just a tool that will allow you to automate trading process. upcoming ico yelo.one For sure bots reaction on the market changes is much faster but at the same time bots can't analyse what is happening on the market. I personally see here the one solution: be calm and wait.
Sophia Kaiwi
Hi, I use an Exodus wallet and I'm trying to send my ripple to uphold because I cannot exchange ripple on exodus anymore… My problem is, from exodus I don't know where the destination tag needs to be placed when trying to send from Exodus