Ledger Nano S Insufficient Space

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Hey. It is me again, I am using my Ledger Nano S and I am really happy with it. I am glad that almost all my cryptos are in the safe place (considering a lot of hacking incidents). But, I have really serious problem - my Ledger Nano S is out of space. I have only few apps installed there: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LItecoin and Ripple. That is it. I can't install other applications. Is there are any way how I can solve this issue? It makes no sense to have more than 10 supported coins while you can use only 3-4 of them because of not enough space. Please advice. 

+1 — My ledger Nano S is also out of space. I have 4 apps installed.
The same problem. But I think when you keep more than 4 different coins, it make sense to buy additional Ladger Nano S.
Hi guys. Insufficient space on Ledger Nano S is really popular problem. But unfortunately there is no solution to increase space on Ledger device. Available flash memory is relatively low and as each coin require separate application there is a duplicate code (which is required for each application). I had a conversation with Ledger developers, and they said that in the future they probably will combine few applications into the one, which will allow to free space by eliminating those duplicate code.

There are two solutions:
1) Buy additional Ledger Nano S.
2) Just remove applications that you use not very often. You can install them again when you need to make a transaction. It is important to know, that all your keys are safe and will not be removed when you uninstall application. So feel free to uninstall application even if you have some coins in these wallets.
Thanks, Cyber! I thought that If I delete application from my Ledger I will lose access to all my wallets. That is great that I can just install/delete/re-install applications without any problems with keys!

same here. I only have 3 apps on the nano s and want to install ETH again. So first deleted ETH and now want to reinstall it. Not enough space. Okey, so I deleted 2 more apps. And guess what!? Still not enough space!
A couple months earlier I had way more apps running but now I face this problem. Deleting all the apps in the manager didnt help. To me it seems like this should be solved easily because actualIy dont believe that there isnt enough space. Should I perform a factory reset?
Hi. You should know, that Ledger stores your private keys even if you remove applications from it. The more applications you install, the less space you will have, even if you will remove them later.
I am having the same issue. I had many apps on my Ledger Nano S and deleted a few to make space, but I still can't install another (out of space). The last one I delete and app and immediately tried to reinstall it and still not enough space, the same app I just deleted, and with 2 more deleted before that for even more room. What is going on here? Why is it that I cannot delete an app and immediately reinstall it?
Hi AMI, please read my comment above. Each installed app stores keys on a Ledger device, even when you deleted app. That is why you can easily delete apps without any risk of lose access to your specific wallet. When you install many apps on Ledger, big part of memory is used to store those keys.
I don't understand how the hell leger company can't make it so we have like 32GB or 64GB of storage in it? My question are, how many GB or MB of storage are there in the Ledger Nano S? No body seems to question this at all. Of course Ledger could be doing this so they can make a newer version and we need to fork out more money to buy new version. I don't understand the storage space issue...has storage space GB is cheap nowadays.
It's for security reasons. They want to make flashing a custom firmware as hard as possible
Ledger has everyone by the b*lls thats why they can create crap hardware, stupid interface and really annoying bugs, what s*it company. Until a far superior company comes out with a better hardware wallet we are all stuck.
Crypto Bob
I am ready to smash my Nano S with a sledge hammer! And emailings to France are worthless. I tell them in detail the problem I have and all they do is recite from the user manual that does NOT address my issue.

I bought it directly from France last year. I installed BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP on it.

I use the Ledger Live desktop app for the UI.

I deleted two apps on the Nano S but the Ledger still shows them, even though I got confirmation when I deleted them in the Manager.

So today, I tried to update the damn thing and I get «not enough space» message.

I want to get as many of the coins off this POS and just keep BTC and XRP on it.

I did a cache clear that supposedly forces a hard synchronization on the blockchain. Still didn't make a difference.

Here's a question:

If I delete a coin from the Nano S, how can I get it on the Coinbase Exchange later on? I've been using Coinbase and am impressed with their continued security program.