How to stake NEO coin

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I am very interested in NEO coins. It has smart contract system and named as a second Chinese Ethereum. Surely someone of users here have an experience of mining or buying these coins. In this connection I would like to ask how to stake neo coin. Which wallet use? Where are commissions lower? What could you tell me about security and reliability of instruments for staking Neo coins. Maybe some if you have account on Neon wallet. This wallet is used by Neo holders most often. I will be grateful for all your answers.

I know the one wallet which can be seemed as a reliable tool of holding and operating NEO. It is NEON wallet. On my mind this wallet you should try firstly. Furthermore this instrument provide the passive income for keeping NEO coins in the wallet. You’ll get GAS coins. In addition to the NEO as the second Ethereum I have heard the rumors about possible admission NEO as a official currency in China. Of course these are just the rumors but it is a sign how important NEO currency has become. Use NEON wallet and you will be safe and confident about your future.
Here is my short review of NEO which based on my observations. Maybe for someone it could be useful. NEO was represented by Chinese company Antshares on the market in 2014. Essentially NEO consist in itself by trading of digital assets and smart-contracts. Capitalization at a modern day is about 1,9 billions USD. If you want to buy NEO you need wallet for keeping funds. It is better to download the app from the page of official developer. There are versions for windows and smartphones. Besides official versions there are wallets which developed by third-party companies. You must to decide if you are ready to entrust them money of yours. To cryptocurrency holders it is promised to accrue free GAS tokens with the income 6-9% per year. You can buy tokens NEO on such platforms like Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Cryptopia and many others. After you buy the currency it is better for full control to withdraw the funds in own wallet. Analysts think that NEO is one of the best investments of 2017. This coin had risen from 0,14 to 29USD. NEO has an potential not only like profitable investments but also like a tool which can revolutionize the world. I think this currency is worth to buy. The only practical thing you must to decide what wallet must be used.