How high will Neo coin go

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Hi, guys what are your thoughts about NEO? This currency as to say with a history and good experience of development. My question is how high will neo coin go? Does it has any sense to buy NEO know? Or it reached the highest position for now. We have seen that this coin grew significantly from the February beginning. What will be further is interesting thing. For me this a question about to keep my Bitcoins untouched or spend part of them on any alternative cryptocurrency. One of the possible currencies is Neo. Telling the truth at last moment Bitcoin looks like reliable currency but how long it will be so. Much people have become disappointed by Bitcoin going down. And this is partly why I am asking you about NEO. It would be nice if growing tendency if this coin will continue.

On my mind today or tomorrow is the best time to buy NEO. We see now how the price is stabilizing and positive tendencies will continue. It looks like NEO will overcome the point mark of 150USD in this year surely. It is not depends of any fluctuations and incidents. 150USD is minimal forecast. I wouldn’t be surprised if NEO coin will reach the double times bigger price. There are all reasons for this. Buy NEO coins and wait until it will rise to 300USD. Nice profit by the way!