How to buy Stellar Lumens


As a matter of fact I have met with Stellar Lumens when these coins were stolen from Black Wallet some time ago. For some time I have been watched what is this currency about and now it seems for me reasonable thing to buy some number of these coins. During December and at the very beginning of January it made really high growth. That’s why I am interested where to buy stellar lumens. My first idea was Binance because I used to work with this platform. Maybe some others? What’s your mind? I am sure that it is possible to find exchanges where the price XLM is lower often that on Binance. What is the best way to buy Stellar? If somebody has an experience of working with platform for buying stellar lumens share your experience please. I’ll be glad to know what you think about. Thanks!

It seems that at the moment it is difficult to find a secure place to by XLM with USD, but there are multiple solutions for exchanging other cryptocurrencies to Stellar Lumens. For this purpose, you will have to perform a two-step transaction chain. Firstly you will buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from a reputable provider, like Coinbase’s GDAX and after this will exchange your coins to XLM at an exchange which supports this currency. The most used one is Binance, but there is also a list of alternative solutions: Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex. All these platforms are ready for use, but be sure to make small transactions before you get familiar with a new system for not losing considerable amounts in case of a mistake. Regarding the difference in XLM prices on these platforms, you will compare them at the moment you decide to do this transaction.
What about the fees during the converting money: XLM into Bitcoin or ETH and as a next step into fiat money? What percent will be loosen? Where are the lacks of exchanges that you mentioned? If you will answer me for these questions I will be very glad and grateful.