Cardano Price Prediction For The First Quarter of 2018

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3 $

Cardano (ADA) is the crypto to watch in 2018! You are probably wondering, what is Cardano? Well, Cardano is an open source platform that is designed to run smart contracts. Thanks to a research-driven developer network, Cardano has highly advanced smart contract features that are way better than any other smart contracts network out there, including Ethereum.

This gives Cardano a very promising future ahead, especially in the first quarter of 2018, as can be seen in its price predictions below.

Cardano Price Prediction For January- A possible 15-20% growth

While the Cardano project has been under development since 2015, it was only launched in October this year. Since then it has gained more than 400% signaling a growing interest in this project. In January, the Cardano community will continue publicizing its major features, including the concept of a block-chain within a blockchain.

Since 2017 has seen a general increase of awareness in cryptocurrencies that enthusiasm will most likely spill over into 2018, and Cardano with its superior smart contracts technology will be a major beneficiary. The only reason why Cardano will grow by between 15-20% and not by higher percentages, is because it is still relatively unknown.

Therefore, even as more money flows into cryptos in January, there is a good chance that only the very informed on the power of smart contracts will be investing in Cardano.

Cardano Price Prediction For February – Possible 20-40% growth

Within the 1st half of 2018, Cardano will be offered on ATMs in Japan. The Cardano coin will also be listed on more exchanges, with Bitt and Cryptopia listing it in either January or February.

All these factors will most likely push up Cardano by more over 40% since more money, outside of the techies’ community, will start flowing into this coin. In fact, these factors could push Cardano up by more than 100% in February. However, 40% is the most conservative estimate.

ADA Price Prediction For March – Possible 100-200% growth

The Cardano project team intends to make it fully autonomous by introducing multisignature transfers in the second quarter of 2018. While this information is not yet known to the masses, it will be all over the media by March 2018.

This will give Cardano a real value push as more investors start flocking in, trying to take advantage of its rising prices. There is a good chance that this increased momentum will push up prices by up to 200% in March. This momentum will likely grow further all through the year.

The best time to buy Ada

If you are aiming for great returns with Cardano coin, this is the best time to buy, for two reasons. The first one is that many investors are yet to know about, which means Cardano is still undervalued. Buying now will give you great returns in the coming quarter as buying pressure starts driving up its prices.

Secondly, people are now taking profits out of cryptos, to spend it over the festive seasons. This explains why all cryptos are underperforming right now, including Cardano.

Buying now will give you exceptional returns once money starts flowing back into cryptos in January.

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