Do I Need Blockchain & Crypto Certification?

Do I Need Blockchain & Crypto Certification?

You must have heard about terms like bitcoin, dodge, ethereum, Litecoin….Well what are they? All these keywords revolved around a single technology termed as ‘ Blockchain’. The question is “What is blockchain?” The blockchain is a technology which gathers information regarding transaction and finance. It has become the backbone of cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have marked its remarkable presence in today’s market in a very short span. Since it is regarding money, there might be several threats involved with it in the real world. For example: Bitcoin, in which anybody from anywhere can indulge.

There are numerous cases related to money laundering can be already seen in the market. Since its a new technology, only few companies are working towards providing security to this work. It implies the huge demand of safety and privacy. Thus, to maximise the security effort in the digital world, need of blockchain security experts is compulsory.

Around 50% people all over this world are connected to internet technology. So, there is a possibility that they might attracted towards blockchain technology and start exploring it as it is transforming the finance and banking sector rapidly. Who will avoid to be a part of such incredible journey. Developers, analysts, managers, breachers, ethical hackers, etc., all are connected to blockchain. But before beginning the voyage to this dream, understand the need of blockchain certification as well. I’m explaining a few words to improve your background knowledge of blockchain covering its need:

Benefits of blockchain certification

Infrastructure- Blockchain technology does not need any structured place. Rather, it has a more strong and powerful universal structure which amalgamates with other processes very well. So, we can say that it is changing the scenario and defines a new way of sharing.

Cost-effective- Blockchain technology has made this field more flexible, more profitable and with more capabilities. Though it has risk factor, it doesn’t stop its growth.

The uninterrupted flow of money- Continuous money flow through blockchain makes it havoc in own way. The hassle of getting more money will encourage the user to participate. But to remain steady in this game, the user must be updated about the market.

Limitation- Although it revolves around the term finance, still there are more possibilities that it may come out in another field. Still, it can take time.

Reduction of time- It reduces multiple steps which are followed during transaction like settlement, verification, and records. This has made its tremendous market value, especially in between the ventures.

You might be thinking if we reduce the transaction steps then there is more probability of fraud cases. Well, blockchain technology made the best ways to save the money from any type of threat. There might be a reduction of steps but still, there are other multiple nodes to protect.

Tracking- Blockchain technology has done its marvelous job in tracking the transactions. It traces all the steps of the money flow. It covers sender, transmission lines, and the receiver.

There is one more term related to the blockchain technology i.e., Hyperledger. It is an open sources global collaboration by Linux Found., to improve cross-industry blockchain technology making its broader and safe use across industries like IoT, banking, supply and distribution, manufacturing.

Hyperledger combines:

  • Ripple, handles cross-currency payments.
  • IBM, which handles digital assets, record repositories and securities related to cryptography.
  • Digital Asset’s Hyperledger, which is currently working to place blockchain with API.

All the above-given factors might make you think to excel in this field and make a huge profit. The growing buzz for cryptos is not ready to calm down soon. Though the field is new, continuous innovations make it stand amongst other trending technologies like AI and ML. Whether you are new to the world of crypto or an experienced trader, staying updated with the latest trends is important. Blockchain experts recommend different types of courses, training and certification, for example, Blockchain certification, to bridge the gap between physical and virtual world.

Blockchain technology may be new in this market but the impact on the market is remarkable which might change but will grow with time and with the more faster rate. Also, it has the capability to make the youth independent. By adopting blockchain technology in education curriculum the young generations will be prepared for the future with more better skills. 

Author's Name- Harsha Goel
She is crypto enthusiast who believes crypto can revolutionize the world. By outlining the future of cryptocurrency and digital assets, she helps investors to make the most out of their investments.
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AtoX: Take technology as a sword and forge ahead

In the eighth month of the bear market, the disappearance of the coin circle gradually spread, and the downturn became the main theme of the digital currency market. The confused and awkward atmosphere surrounded the major institutions. In a bull market, a project can take only a few months from start-up to landing on the exchange, which means that the exit cycle of the investment institution is very short. Now, as the leek has been cut to the end, the investment institutions slowly discover that they have become the last takers.

2018 is the cold winter of the coin circle, and it is also the winter of the organization. When you ask the CEO of top institutions, what is the value of the digital currency assets in their hands? As the currency bubble recedes, the capital pattern of 2019 will inevitably usher in a big reshuffle. It remains to be seen whether institutions that focus only on speculation will live through the winter.

However, in my opinion, projects such as Atox, which are more focused on blockchain technology itself, are bound to thrive in a healthy regulatory environment!

AtoX is a public blockchain system based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology created by a team from the Jewish nation. Based on this, AtoX Swap cross-chain wallet and decentralized exchange were established.

Compared with previous systems, it has the following characteristics:

1. Different design ideas: The most important difference between AtoX and Ethereum, EOS and Bitcoin is that the design idea is different. Bitcoin can only be used as electronic money. Ethereum is just a technology that increases the smart contract to blockchain 2.0. Based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, AtoX is committed to the global blockchain landing applications. It is a fourth-generation blockchain platform for the world, allowing developers to implement blockchain applications with high efficiency, high performance and fit for business.

2, The consensus mechanism is different: AtoX uses the RPCA consensus mechanism, compared with POW, POS, etc., can achieve higher TPS in performance to apply to more scenarios, and can save more computing performance.

3, The technical realization is different: AtoX is based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, which breaks through the chain expansion problem caused by the low performance of the traditional blockchain technology. Through the technology of chain compression, the application construction can be realized more flexibly. Therefore, AtoX skills retain the advantages of a centralized platform, and can achieve the security and reliability of decentralization.

2018 has been passed, and the coin circle has also passed an unusually rich year. We may be involved in the tuyere of 2018, or perhaps as a bystander. We can only look forward to 2019, and we can do nothing but to cut through the fog and continue to forge ahead!
Wafcoin stands out from the tide of the exchange’s wide world

At the beginning of 2018, more than 7,400 new “spire of the tower” have emerged, forming a Red Sea battleground of nearly 16000 exchanges in less than a year. As a result, all suffered from the collapse of the market that Bitcoin prices fell, transactions shrinked, and users left the market, and entered the dilemma of “more monks than meat”. With stricter regulation, congested tracks, and shrinking markets, exchanges are changing all the time, and the waves swung through the market throughout the year.

On January 27, 2018, the Japanese Exchange,Coincheck, which was established in 2014, declared closing down due to hacking. In February, the decentralized exchange which was established in 2016. Because of internal disputes, the actual controllers ran away. In 2018, the track of exchange was filled with gunpowder, more than 80% of the exchanges closed, «running away» and investors were pressed to the wall, the choice of a reliable exchange is the top priority at present!

Founded in 2018, Wafcoin (WA) is the world's first exchange with a dual license in the Virgin Islands. The platform provides safe, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain token economic transaction services to users around the world,to build the co-governance platform with world's first blockchain token ecological transaction.

The Wafcoin platform has a financial-grade distributed cluster architecture, a matching algorithm of more than 2 million levels, bank-level security encryption and ODAT offline acceleration, and isolation technology of multi-signature hot and cold wallet to ensure high reliability, high performance and strong security of the token platform.

Faced with many difficulties and challenges, the team of Wafcoin has always adhered to the principle of adhering to the initial mind and customers supreme, and took root in the blockchain industry with enthusiasm and loyalty to support and empower the blockchain industry.
In the next decade, there will be WA’s companionship

The dimly setting sun, a touch of blue on the surface of the sea…
This is a ghost ship mixed with darkness and hope. Although it is unmanned, it is full of passengers. The name of the ship is called “blockchain”. Its passengers and sailors come from all over the world, each with its own will, and everyone has different headings, but they choose the same boat to cross the other side.

From this shore to the other side, there are a thousand «blockchain» in the eyes of a thousand passengers.
For cryptographers, it is the «pirate ship» that leads to the dark place;
For Nakamoto, this is a «canoe» to the ideal holy place;
For geeks, it is a «assault boat» that travels through the oceans of 0 and 1;
For sci-fi enthusiasts, this is the «blue space» to save humanity;
For the liberals, it is the «Mayflower» that rebuilds the world;
For the humanistic philosophers, this is the «boat of Theseus» that tortured the soul;
For the economics circles, it is the “Titanic” that subverts the traditional financial system;

When all these symbols add up, the blockchain is the «Noah's Ark» in these people's eyes. Because these passengers and sailors know that it will carry them to the new era of great navigation.

From sketching in 2008 to officially sailing in 2009, this ghost ship has come all the way, encountering the undercurrent of technology, passing the sinister of algorithm, passing through the hacking danger reef, witnessing the nature of evil, passing through the crowd, it quietly departs from the harbor of the encrypted world, and in a short period of ten years, it stirs up waves in the real world.

Where does it come from, and where will it head?
— The above section is selected from Luo Jinhai, «The Decade of Blockchain: The Wandering Ghost Ship»

After ten years of development, the blockchain has expanded to a wider field. Digital currency, as the first area to promote blockchain to become hot, has attracted many advocates despite its controversy. Bitcoin, as the «NO.1» in the coin world, has experienced various ups and downs in this decade.

It took only one year from the «peak» of nearly 20,000 US dollars at the end of last year to the «bottom» of 3,500 dollars in the previous time. Such a large drop is shaking the flag in the hearts of investors.

I want to say that in the past ten years, there have been countless people and countless sound said that bitcoin will return to zero. As a result, bitcoin still exists after a decade of wind and rain.

Other tokens generated by «standing on the shoulders of giants» are still developing. WA is such a token. WA has taken advantage of the «predecessors» and improved their shortcomings and deficiencies, focusing on the improvement of their own value and serving the users and investors in a down-to-earth manner. As a platform token, WA combines many advantages into one: insisting on the mechanism of holding coins to share dividends, referral dividends, and never increasing the number of issuance, and being down-to-earth for the benefit of users.

Wafcoin has reached a deep strategic cooperation with Newbuy Mall, the world's first cross-border e-commerce provider that supports token settlement. All the tokens that are circulated on the platform and WA can be consumed in the mall, which constantly stimulates the value of WA. The various measures not only guarantee the value of token, it also brings enough confidence to users!

In addition, WA is one step ahead, aiming at the real estate and tourism industry and marching in this new direction. We have every reason to believe that WA will achieve even greater growth in the next decade.
WA — born to solve the pain points of the tourism industry

BlockChain + tourism is a new draught, which can effectively solve the pain points in the industry, such as mismatch between consumption and service, tourism experience and evaluation opacity, etc. in the tourism industry. While as a hot project in the world, WA use the incentive means of blockchain to reshape the value of the traditional tourism industry. It will further enhance the travel experience of every tourist and lead the healthy development of the tourism industry.

WA is the platform token of WAfcoin, the world's first dual-token exchange, which has issued 10 billion pieces worldwide and guarantees never to issue more. It is the best quality token assets with the lowest risk coefficient based on the real assets of the tourism industry. WA adopts the characteristics of BlockChain technology, such as trustworthiness, traceability, and global consensus, and will accelerate the intelligent development of the tourism industry.

The emergence of WA has undoubtedly brought new vitality to the traditional tourism industry. Compared with most project parties focusing on the BlockChain technology, the WAFCOIN platform focuses on the Token economic model. In the future, WA can be used to book travel services such as hotels, air tickets, train tickets, and other travel services, and to build the travel consumption ecosystems of the new production relations of blockchain technology and token economy.

The current projects are complicated and fiercely competitive. In a sense, Token is to break the monopoly of crowdfunding and establish new mechanisms and relations of production. Entering into 2019, the digital currency market began to calm down, air projects are gradually fading out, and the industry's fever has returned to rationality. The next wave after the air coin belongs to the token economy. In the next five years, it will be a year when BlockChain technology is truly combined with landing application scenarios and burst out.

WAfcoin always stands on the user's point of view to benefit the world. I believe that WA is bound to rise in the bear market and the future will be more promising!