Guarda adds WAVES support to Multi-currency Web Wallet


Guarda is an innovative company focused on building a highly secure and user-friendly platform for crypto asset management.

The Guarda team is pleased to announce its partnership with Waves Platform. WAVES are now available to the crypto community on the Guarda Wallet — the first multi-currency non-custodial wallet on the crypto market. The wallet supports the most popular crypto coins and their tokens.

About Waves

Waves is among the most promising blockchain platforms available today. Waves supports the fastest transactions and highest throughput of any open blockchain platform, as well as a wide variety of custom token operations. There are 100,000,000 WAVES tokens, the native currency of the network, which are used to fuel all operations on the blockchain.

‘Our collaboration with Waves is a great pleasure for Guarda. I believe that the Waves community will enjoy our handy interfaces and outstanding features. The trust of the Waves team gives us confidence that we are on the right path and encourages us to continue to improve our products.’
Eugene Ives, CPO at Guarda

Guarda Wallet

The Guarda-Waves integration delivers a highly secure and handy solution for managing WAVES funds, viewing transaction history and checking current balance. Moreover, customers can easily exchange WAVES with dozens of other coins and make purchases with a bank card or transfer right within the wallet.

Guarda Wallet features:

  • Consistent and simple design — the hallmark of Guarda apps
  • Anonymity — no registration required to create a wallet
  • Full user control of private keys and assets
  • No data left on your browser/device (private keys are held encrypted locally, not by a third party)
  • Private key import/export
  • Backup and restore the wallet at any time
  • Secure encryption algorithm (AES)
  • Full transaction history
  • Built-in unlimited exchange to convert WAVES to almost any other coin
  • WAVES purchase with a bank card
  • Prompt support service
‘Waves has always paid close attention to ease of use, especially in its integrations. The partnership with Guarda is a great step towards making WAVES available for a broader audience. The more effective tools for end users there are, the better it is for Waves.’
Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov

The Guarda Wallet can be easily accessed from any web-connected device. Unlike many other wallets, Guarda doesn’t store any user information, wallet data, private keys, backup files or funds online. By using the Guarda Wallet, customers can be sure that they are the only owners of their private keys and backup files.

Media Contacts

Christina Mayer, PR & Marketing Manager. EmaiI or Telegram @christy_guarda

About the Waves Platform

Waves is a decentralized platform with powerful real-world tools and functionality hosted on the blockchain. The multilevel ecosystem of the Waves platform enables anyone to launch their own cryptographically-secured blockchain tokens, as well as private networks, quickly and easily. Using the Waves blockchain, businesses and individuals can build powerful, versatile applications with all the advantages of peer-to-peer technology.

In June 2016, Waves completed its ICO, raising over $16 million (30,000 bitcoins). The total market capitalization of Waves is currently around $600 million. Among the most notable token sales on the platform are MobileGo, ZrCoin, EncryptoTel, PrimalBase and Starta Accelerator. So far more than 25,000 tokens have been released on Waves.

Media Contacts

Philipp Eryushev, Head of Waves Marketing,

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