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Cryptoncy.net is an up-and-coming interactive website that covers the entire niche of blockchain and cryptocurrency related topics: from ICO listings, exchanges, real-time cryptocurrency prices, wallets to reviews, Q&A section and much more. Our digital crypto asset and blockchain technology platform strives to educate and connect global cryptocurrency community.

Cryptoncy.net was launched at the end of 2017 and is quickly gaining popularity already attracting more than 45,000 unique visitors each month and the numbers are growing fast.

We strive to deliver the latest and the most accurate information in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner, so whether you have been involved with the blockchain industry for years or just starting to trade - you will find plenty of useful tools, guides, articles and resources.

We provide live prices, charts and analysis in line with the latest products available on the market.

Complete Cryptocurrency & Coins List

Our ever-growing Coins List features cryptocurrencies from all over the globe complete with description, website and live pricing charts of the entire coin lifecycle from the day it was launched till today’s date:

  • Complete regularly updated list of cryptocurrencies worldwide
  • Live conversion to USD chart that helps users evaluate the coin performance
  • List of Exchanges for each coin along with live prices
  • Q&A section for each coin where users can gain or share knowledge about every coin

Full ICO Listings, Tracker & Guides

Cryptoncy keeps up-to-date with all the most promising Initial Coin Offerings and offers a complete listing and guide to the current and upcoming ICOs.

  • Active ICO List
  • Pre ICO List
  • Upcoming ICO List
  • Past ICO List

ICO Companies

Whether you are looking to launch an ICO or have already launched one, we have a full list of ICO Blockchain services and reviews:

Latest Cryptocurrency News

Our cryptocurrency analysts and content writers deliver the latest and hottest blockchain news, products and updates. Join our mailing list and Telegram channel to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox or phone. We provide easily accessible learning options with our thorough guides and informational articles for those just starting with blockchain technologies.

Cryptocurrency Questions & Answers

Our visitors can interact with each other, share opinions, ask questions and get experts advice in our Cryptocurrency Q&A section. We strive to connect the global cryptocurrency community and encourage exchange of reviews and opinions. On Cryptoncy you can review wallets, exchanges, coins, ICOs or any other related products. That way each and every user can benefit from first-hand independent reviews of other cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Digital cryptocurrency wallets are software programs that will enable you to send and receive cryptocurrency. There are various types of cryptocurrency wallets and Cryptoncy.net offers an easy intuitive digital currency wallets listings conveniently divided into wallet types:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Reviews

Our consolidated and complete cryptocurrency exchange listing features the best cryptocurrency exchanges along with reviews, descriptions and websites. Our exchanges listing will help you decide where to buy cryptocurrency and what exchange to choose.

Cryptocurrency Blogs

Cryptocurrency.net Blog extensively covers the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, from the in-depth analysis and guides to the latest news from the cryptocurrency world and the hottest ICOs. Our writers from all over the globe and cryptocurrency experts share their insights and knowledge with the rest of the crypto community. Share your knowledge, learn from the experts and stay informed.

CryptoPulse: Live Cryptocurrency Prices

Cryptoncy.net presents one-of-a-kind interactive live cryptocurrency prices chart and market cap that automatically updates every couple of seconds.

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