LookRev Open Network For Creativity

LookRev is changing the way creative products are made and sold forever, building modern creative marketplace.
LookRev uses interactive visual outfit apps, digital outfit catalogs and custom marketing toolset, visualizing the communication between creative product maker, designer and customer. It enables consumer to co-design custom product based on her personal style, helping creative product finds its product-market-fit.
LookRev uses blockchain technology, automating the registration, distribution and payment process for creative asset, offering product maker, designer and contributor the modern toolset to make living using their creativity.
LookRev (LOOK) coin is tradable token obtained for contributing creativity and content on the LookRev network, exchangeable for receiving goods and services on the platform.
After the beta sale, LookRev development team has focused on developing the platform, and has since then successfully launched its beta product suites and service dashboard. LookRev has a dozen products in its product suite, fast growing user base, gained nearly billions of shopper views. LOOK token is a functional utility token actively used on the platform. Token owners can use LOOK tokens to back creative products, and receive ROI at the time when products are sold.
LookRev is launching a token sale to support the development of the platform and the open network for creativity. Bonuses are available during the pre-sale and official token sale period, offering up to 50% bonus.
LookRev provides an open network in a space traditionally impassable, building a bridge for the modern creative marketplace.
To find out more about this exciting ICO and what LOOK has to offer, visit their official website at: https://lookscoin.com.

ICO Details

ICO Start:
ICO End:
Download 5 Mbdownloaded 139 times
Token name / Ticker:
Platform and Token Type:
Ethereum, ERC20
Price per token:
1 LOOK = 0.00042 ETH
Hard Cap:
$30000000 USD
Total Supply:
1000000000 LOOK
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