Trading pairs:

Poloniex is one of the largest Ethereum exchanges in the world. It also supports many other cryptocurrencies (more than 70) and its functionality is limited only to crypto assets. Fiat money is not supported and it is a discouraging factor for some traders. Being registered in US, this exchange remains a “ghost” in real world, having no information about its physical address and staff. What encourages people to use this exchange, is its advanced tool-kit for trading and low transaction fees. Despite the fact that Poloniex has an undetected background, it is trusted and used by millions of people every month. Having a mobile version of site, it doesn’t provide a specific app for mobile devices.

Exchange website:
Please do use with care, I've had enough money unaccounted for, for several months without any support whatsoever… But well, it remains a high volume exchange. For anyone considering it I do recommend to look into Binance or Bittrex before this one…