2 years ago

Big exchange, many different settings. The referral system does not work here. But this is not the most important thing. For margin trading it is possible to borrow funds from the exchange. On the Lending tab you can put your available funds on credit to someone. In this case it will be necessary to indicate the time, the quantity and the percentage at which we offer money. The exchange establishes certain restrictions on the withdrawal of money. To increase the limits there are several levels of verification. Recently verification conditions have been tightened. Who has verification at the first level I advise to take an interest about that question if they have not yet collided with them. For convenience there are various currency settings. Working with the price schedule is very convenient. The exchange is again very functional. The trading system is equipped with the STOP-LIMIT functionality. This will protect you from unforeseen losses with a sharp drop in prices. But telling the truth I myself have never used it. In some words high-level exchange. As far as I know a significant part of the Ethereum is traded here. Technical support works quickly, it is no need to wait for a long time for a response. Show full review…

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