10 months ago

I use Coinbase for some months. I like its clear, nice dashboard. I can see numbers of coins in my account how much it worth. Thanks to graphs it is possible to see Bitcoin prices in details. At first Coinbse only supported bitcoins but now they also supports Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. These are pretty cool and very interesting currencies. You can buy cryptocurrencies with your bank accounts and with your credit cards and you can store them right here if you need. What is also nice about Coinbase that this service has lower fees as I have been said.
If we will go to My accounts we will see BTC vault. This option make your funds much more defended than simple Bitcoin wallet. Putting money into and out of vault takes some time. If you have a lot of cryptocurrencies I would advise you to buy a hardware wallet to store them offline.
What I really love about Coinbase it is possible to get 10USD in bitcoins for free if you will buy 100USD in 6 first months after registration. Referral program work here too. Coinbase has different functions etc. There is cool app which can be downloaded on your phone. To buy cryptocurrencies you first have to register your bank account
But you have to watch out with Coinbase because you can not transfer cryptocurrencies to gambling sites or do any illegal activities in your account. They will block your account and it will get frozen and you can lose your funds. So really be careful with this. If you sometimes gamble on sites and you pay with the cryptocurrencies don’t do it with Coinbase.
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