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Cardano (a.k.a ADA currency) is a decentralized system for making digital transactions. By using Cardano, you can send and receive payments, run financial applications and benefit from “soft fork” upgrades due to its multilayer architecture. Based on peer review academic research, this platform was built by scientists and engineers for a secure worldwide usage. It is written in one of the most secure programming language ,Haskell, which assure error-proven environment for financial activities. This system is designed to combine privacy with regulator requirements. The idea of regulated computing may add trust to this currency and will enlarge the number of its users.
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Cardano (ADA) Price to USD Chart

24 h7 d.14 d.30 d.60 d.90 d.Max.
I bought some Cardano. Waiting for 2018 when POS staking will be start.