Ethereum Classic $ 7.20386 (-0.00163352)

Ethereum Classic
Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a modified version of Ethereum currency (ETH). This alternative asset was created because of a disagreement with Ethereum Foundation. A group of people who didn’t accept the DAO hard fork done by Ethereum Foundation, decided to create Ethereum Classic, a currency which keeps original Ethereum chain. The most important characteristics of ETC are immutability and neutrality. This system remains neutral in any situation and it assures its users that valid transactions will be executed without reversals, undos and modifications. Ethereum Classic has a decentralized governance and its system is ruled by law of code.
Ticker symbol:
Hashing Algorithm:
Genesis Date:

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price to USD Chart

24 h7 d.14 d.30 d.60 d.90 d.Max.
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