Is Ripple Working With The Likes Of Google To Stifle The Crypto Space?

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A few days ago, Google announced that it would be banning all cryptocurrency related adverts. This move follows a similar one by Facebook to ban crypto adverts. There has been all manner of speculation regarding the move by these two internet giants. Some people are speculating that these companies are making these moves because they are planning to launch their own cryptos. But there is another perspective to this whole issue, and that’s the possibility that these companies could be planning to adopt Ripple. So why Ripple? Well, you just need to connect the dots. When the U.S government announced that it was planning to regulate the crypto market, Ripple was among the first crypto platforms to embrace the move, something that both Google and Facebook agree to.

So what’s the big deal then? After all ripple is a crypto like any other, and maybe it sees the positive side of regulation, right? Well, here is the catch, Ripple is a little different from many other cryptos in the market. Ripple is heavily centralized unlike the other players in the crypto market.That’s why the question of whether ripple is really a cryptocurrency never seems to go away. The whole essence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is decentralization, and having a situation where one entity controls a crypto currency defeats the whole essence of it. This might probably explain why Ripple is the darling of the financial industry. It conforms to their needs, without threatening their core business. Remember Bank of America already announced that cryptocurrencies are an existential threat to their business.

The likes of Facebook and Google are threatened by cryptos too. That’s because as things stand, these companies hold enormous power over information, and how you interact with it. That’s how they make their money, while at the same time pushing political agendas they believe are the right one.But decentralized platforms are emerging that threaten to take that power away from them. A platform like Dtube is an existential threat to YouTube. That’s because it gives content creators full control over their content, and their ability to profit from it. Through such a platform, you can also disseminate whatever information you have without any company censoring it. Therefore, it is only logical that mainstream companies would support any moves that would stifle the growth of decentralized cryptos, while uplifting centralized platforms that they can easily control.

So how can crypto enthusiasts deal with any bottlenecks that decentralized platforms face, because there will be many of them along the way? Well, the most powerful thing they can do is to support decentralized platforms. For instance, when it comes to decentralized financial platforms, you can always support platforms such as Stellar Lumens and Nano.For information dissemination, you can always support platforms like SteemIt and Dtube.As these platforms grow, regulations and advertising bans won’t have any impact on the crypto market. Right now the crypto market is at a pivotal point. It can only succeed if crypto heads support it, more strongly than ever.

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