Dash Evolution - Could Dash Reach Coinbase Ahead of Ripple XRP?

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  • Dash Coin believes that its upcoming ‘Evolution’ platform could see Dash more worthy of a Coinbase listing than Ripple XRP
  • Dash Coin has filed a patent for its upcoming Evolution release which will make Dash easier to transact than any other cryptocurrency
  • Evolution is still in development but is scheduled for release later in 2018

Could Dash Coin be coming to Coinbase? For the sake of full transparency, it is important to note that Coinbase itself has no official plans to add Dash. The Dash Coin core development team, however, believe that the upcoming release of their Evolution payment system will make Dash worthy of a Coinbase and GDAX listing.

What is Evolution & Why Should Das Investors be Excited?

According to Dash, Evolution will make Dash easy to store and transact, even for non-tech savvy people. This is thanks to the fact that Evolution is designed to take the form of an application layer on top of the Dash network. More specifically, one which makes using Dash even easier than using a commonplace email or IM account.

With Evolution, Dash users will be able to login to their Dash wallet just as easily as people do email and instant messaging applications. Users will then be able to send Dash Coin funds easily to other Evolution contacts. Either this or pay for goods and services online in a single click.

Dash Evolution Benefits

  • Dash Evolution dispenses completely with cryptographic addresses. (This means no more copy and pasting of lines of code or QR code scanning to transact with Dash)
  • Evolution completely dispenses with a need for third-party wallet applications
  • Evolution will list merchants who accept Dash inside the Evolution application, as well as allow instant payments and rank merchants by virtue of how reputable they are
  • Dash Evolution allows users to stay in full control of their own Dash coins, without having to run a full node Dash wallet
  • Evolution will support trustless recurring payments so that in theory, users can set up the equivalent of direct debits to pay rent, bills, and monthly subscriptions to service providers such as Netflix

How Dash Evolution Will Work

At face value, Dash Evolution sounds a lot like a regular cryptocurrency web wallet like Coinomi, Xapo, or Toast. In every case, however, using any cryptocurrency web wallet requires trusting a third party with wallet funds. The only alternative is, therefore, to run a full node wallet. - Something which in the case of Bitcoin, will require 145 gigabytes of free disk space, read/write speeds of 100 MB/s, and 2 gigabytes of free memory (RAM).

Needless to say, the technical requirements of running a full node wallet make doing so impossible for the majority of regular cryptocurrency users. With Evolution, however, users can simply login to what is essentially their own full node wallet running on the Dash network itself. The technology is, in this case, a first of its kind on the cryptocurrency market. What is more, this is why Dash is patenting Evolution, in order to prevent other cryptocurrencies from attempting to copy, monetize, and/or fork the technology.

When Will Evolution Ready?

At present, Dash Evolution has been under rigorous development for over a year already. Evolution, however, is expected to be released later this year. Much more importantly, when Evolution is released, it will become the first truly decentralized and fully featured blockchain based payment system currently on the cryptocurrency market.

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